John Lewis continues their stranglehold on your heartstrings this Christmas with The Beginner, the story of a new foster father finding a way to bond with his new daughter. It’s a simpler tale than their usual fare, but no less touching.

You have a higher chance of being hit by lightning seven times than winning the lottery, but you have an even slimmer chance of finding love on a crowded train full of miserable commuters. But this year’s Lottery Christmas ad will have you believing in the possibility of both, as it follows the story of a missed love connection on a train. Enjoy the weird experience of weeping over the lottery.

J&B just released She, a holiday ad telling the story of a grandfather experimenting with makeup before a family gathering. Look, it’s probably pandering for a whiskey company to use a story of transition unrelated to their product, just to get you to break out the tissues. But in the tradition of Christmas movies, the pandering works damn well.

You’d think you wouldn’t be able to get emotional while Hall and Oates is playing but Boots, the UK health and beauty company, has found a way with their fun, adorable Christmas ad. A pair of magic specs gives a woman the ability to see what those around her want for Christmas.

Just when you thought you could escape the Christmas ads with your Grinch-like tendencies intact, The Petspiration Foundation has deployed cute dogs. The charity uses their Christmas Project initiative to provide assistance animals to those in need. Their emotional ad spotlights the impact pets can have on people who need them the most, via a little girl’s selfless wish list.

Subway is tackling holiday loneliness with its new Christmas ads, probably because you’re never more alone than when you haven’t rehearsed what sauces you want at the sandwich bar and there’s a queue growing behind you.

Welcome to the Thunderdome, sponsored by your local grocery store. In the hilarious new ALDI holiday campaign, politeness becomes a bloodsport as two women are determined to be the one to offer the final prawn at a Christmas lunch.

HelloFresh has released a super cute holiday meal kit inspired by the classic Christmas flick, Elf, offering Buddy’s signature dish: chocolate and maple syrup spaghetti. While we’re still not fully convinced this would be appetising, there’s no kid that wouldn’t lose their damn minds over the chance to make this meal.

It seems there’s more than one way to spice up the holiday driving, as a digital billboard in Brisbane was recently hacked and started broadcasting pornography. The billboard was shut down after a few minutes, but given its location on one of Brisbane’s busiest roads, it’s probably safe to say the advertising did its job and reached a fair number of eyeballs.

Like the terrifying concoctions of a mad scientist, Kraft Mayo has been combined with Juicy Couture. The condiment brand has collaborated with Juicy to create the kind of outfit sane individuals left behind in 2005. Featuring a blue velour tracksuit with “Smooth” replacing the iconic “Juicy” on the back and a white velour tube top boasting “Mayo Couture,” this flashback to the aughts is now available for pre-sale. Get in loser, we’re going shopping.

Did you know in Washington, it’s illegal to harass a Sasquatch? LegalShield has released a new series of ads bringing to light some of the stupidest laws in America, but the fun kind, not the depressing  gun control and corruption kind we make fun of them for. The ads serve as a handy guide, should you ever end up in an X-File and need to worry about legal representation.

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