In a provocative move taking aim at the British Museum’s less-than-stellar history of acquisition (long story short, colonialism stole a lot of sacred stuff from the natives), Vice World News has created the Unfiltered History Tour, an unauthorised tour of the museum’s 10 most disputed items. The tour explores not only the artefacts’ cultural history, but the imperialistic attitudes behind them being stolen in the first place, and the ongoing impact of this prejudice.

Fck the Cupcakes has just launched its new Be The Change campaign, asking men to speak out against sexism in their workplaces. Last year, Women’s Health Victoria released a damning report on the culture of misogyny and sexual harassment within the advertising industry, which emphasised women’s desire for men not to turn a blind eye to the sexism they see. An awesome initiative designed to fight misogyny in the creative industry, this campaign serves as a reminder to men to stand up for women in their agencies and add their voices to the fight for equality

Australian Lamb has released its new campaign, Letters to Leaders, a tongue-in-cheek series featuring messages to leaders on signs around Australia, tapping into the current desire of all Australians to yell at our political leaders in billboard size fonts.

The US Supreme Court has recently struck down an attempt by OSHA to mandate nationwide employee vaccination policies for businesses, leading to numerous companies deciding human lives mean less than their bottom line and immediately rolling back their safety polices. This has ranged from not requiring employees to be vaccinated, to letting every anti-mask nutjob breathe on other customers to their heart’s content. On the plus side, this has created a handy list for consumers, of brands to avoid like the plague. Literally.

In one of the more talked-about developments of late, M&Ms have announced they are redesigning their characters to represent a more progressive world. Not a lot of people know this, but second-wave feminism was really about fighting to make sure the green M&M was wearing flat shoes. Despite the new changes being barely noticeable, this has predictably gotten a lot of people up in arms. A convenient distraction for Mars, M&Ms’ parent company, as this is diverting a lot of attention away from the issues they’ve been having with their alleged child slavery policies.

Forget Casablanca or The Princess Bride, hot chips and tomato sauce are the love story for the ages. Joining forces in an adorable new campaignMcCains chips and Heinz sauce have acknowledged just how much they complete one another and have been sending love notes back and forth. Even going full ‘new teenage relationship’ and unfollowing everyone else on their socials.

In complete disregard for the rule forced upon us by all mums, of not mixing eating and swimming, McDonalds has released a line of swimwear. Partnering with Budgy Smugglers, Maccas now has a swimsuit range inspired by their menu items. There’s a buns joke in here somewhere…

According to a digital study for 2022, Social media now reaches more than 58% of the world’s population. This makes a lot of sense, since everyone’s been in their homes for the past two years with not much else to do but scroll through Instagram. But to those of us who can still remember not being able to use the home phone and the dial-up at the same time, this feels like a huge number.

In a blatant bid to claw back users from Only Fans, Instagram has begun testing subscriptions for creators, allowing them to grow their income by offering exclusive content to those filling to pay a fee. This is supposedly a way to ensure Instagram influencers have a more consistent income, however, given the global Instagram influencer market is worth about USD $1.3 Billion, maybe they’re already doing pretty well?

While we’re on the subject of those kids today and their phones, Tik Tok is now the third most downloaded app, used by about 7.38 Million Australians. That’s a lot of people making up silly dances.

Our favourite movie clichés are starting to get self-aware in Apple’s cool new cinematic ads. Apple has released three ads poking fun at the common cinematography tropes we’ve come to recognise, such as dramatically lit basements in horror movies or slow arthouse zooms. The ability to recreate something previously requiring a whole Hollywood soundstage just using the square in your pocket is pretty cool. I’m ready for my close up, Mr DeMille.

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