It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, cause Muppet rockers The Electric Mayhem have teamed up with Spotify. The streaming site has released a rockumentary going “behind the scenes” of the band’s visit to Spotify studios, ending with a jam session that goes harder than any pieces of felt should be able to. Everyday it gets harder to remember these guys are puppets and not actually alive.

Edgy canned water company Liquid Death has unleashed an ’80s dance-pop album based on internet hate received by the brand. Featuring hits like “It’s Dumb and I Won’t Buy It” to “Rather Cut My Own D**k Off,” Greatest Hates Vol.3 is the perfect album for when you just want to bop out to your own vitriol.

Ever had to cringe your way through a sexist movie scene and wished you could make it stop? If you answered yes, today’s your day. If not, we need to have a chat about feminism and the patriarchy. Have a seat. The Mayor of London’s anti-misogyny campaign is based around an interactive ad allowing you to break up a sexist conversation between a group of young men once you feel the conversation has gone too far.

In one of the cleverest adverts of the year, a French media agency have used VFX for an exceptional ad showcasing soccer highlights. Put your trust in our taste and watch it all the way through.

Modibodi has released a sitcom on TikTok. I’m Dying Inside follows four housemates as they get into your typical sitcom hijinks, although more centred around their crimson waves than your typical episode of Friends. So no one told you your period was going to be this way…

To mark the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, a PSA supporting women’s health is offering an interesting warning: press the skip button and they’ll fund abortions. The ad opens by explaining, “Skip this ad and we’ll provide free family planning medication to someone in need. It’s your choice.” Must be nice, the whole choice thing.

European broadcaster Arte has programmed a special summer season around siblings, with showings of movies like The Blues Brothers and Rain Man. To advertise this they’ve focused on a much more realistic sibling dynamic — think less ‘heart-warming hugs’ and more ‘sorry don’t tell mum, you can hit me back and we’ll be even’.

Weird Barbie, Kate McKinnon’s world-weary outcast from the Barbiemovie is getting her very own doll, graffitied face and eternal splits included. Although one could argue weird barbie cannot be sold, she must be made by a creative and destructive child.

There’s been an unprecedented level of marketing for Greta Gerwig’s record breaking film, and one of the more creative pieces of advertising comes via Bumble turning Barbie into your personal wingman. The promotional experience featured Barbies giving users suggestions for compliments to send to your matches. Although in an important distinction: you can’t send these compliments to the characters themselves, ’cause even in the veritable utopia of Barbieland, you cannot match with Margot Robbie.

Siri, play Dancing With Myself. UK-based sex toy company Love Not War’s latest campaign asks you to break up with your showerhead. The hilarious and semi-NSFW ad tells the tale of shower heads being dumped for a more sustainable solution.

In the most Aussie development ever, Uber Eats is petitioning to rename our capital to Can-beer-a in a new stunt highlighting their expanded drinks delivery service. Outside of billboards, they also enlisted a town crier to carry the petition to Parliament. Scratch that, the petition actually going through to parliament would truly be the Aussiest thing ever.

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