Tradie Bamboo No Chafe

Tradie pits undies against the elements with their new breathable bamboo no-chafe collection.

Aussie underwear label Tradie’s brand ambassador Nick Cummins is back on our screens this week, bursting with enthusiasm about Tradie’s latest bamboo no-chafe underwear collection.

Filmed in the brief period when Melbourne wasn’t in a lockdown, Melbourne creative agency, The Incubator had the unique challenge of trying to stay within their usual playground of dusty desert landscapes without leaving the Victorian border. Bringing a bit of the outback to our own backyard, filming took place at Black Rock, Southern Victoria. With some out of the box thinking and visual smarts, you’d never know it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere.

“We love getting the Honey Badger out into nature,” says Kyran Docker, Creative Director at The Incubator. “It really brings out his best when we film him in his natural habitat.”

Nick’s rocky backdrop was the perfect fit for the no-chafe undies, designed for a country where blokes are up against the elements every day. “Its been 10 years since we first launched the Tradie No Chafe undies so this advert is a great way to celebrate one of our most loved products” says Tradie founder Ben Goodfellow.

Or, as Nick tells us: “We all know how rough it can get down under, and … you know, down under. It’s a bugger when you get the big wet in the back part of the top end, the rough track up ’n’ back, down around the hoop, blow a gasket, chuck a u-banger and you’re back to where you started!”

We agree with…whatever the Honey Badger just said.

The 30 second spot will air on TV and social media from the 11th March 2022.

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