Living &Ageing Well


Pearson is a really innovative company, that does a lot of different things.

From educational to clinical, Pearson’s interest are eclectic, but with one important common thread: Everything that they do, they do for the betterment of people. And that’s something we can get behind.


To sum up what Pearson does in a sentence is really tricky. Some might know them as the world’s learning company, others as a leading supplier of gold-standard clinical tools.

Our task was to create a brand video that raised awareness of what they do, whilst honing in on their passion and commitment to keeping the golden years golden for our elderly and most-vulnerable.


Although the interests and pursuits of Pearson are varied, there is one common thread: everything that they do, they do for the betterment of people.

When you start thinking that way, you start to understand the Power of Pearson, which in-turn is powered by the people who work there and further magnified by the health professionals, who use Pearson products in their day-to-day to change lives.


We brought one lady’s story to life on-screen, with a beautiful, scripted and shot brand video that highlighted the type of good work that Pearson does regularly. Through her journey from illness and uncertainty, to certainty and independence: we see first-hand the power of being Powered by Pearson.



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