Pizza and Profound Principles: Getting Value From Your Values.

Passion, hard work, whether or not you like pineapple on pizza. Brand values are the uncompromising ideas that truly matter to you. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape your company’s identity and decisions as it grows. 

Embracing Values That Resonate:

When crafting your brand values, it’s crucial to consider concepts that genuinely resonate with you. If words like integrity, quality or diversity appeal to you, ask yourself why and make sure your brand can uphold those values. These values should align with your personal beliefs and become the foundation upon which your brand stands.

The Pizza Principle:

Just as pizza toppings reflect personal taste, brand values reflect the essence of your business. Choosing the right words for your brand is like selecting ingredients that you can actually sink your teeth into. Sure, Hawaiian is a classic choice, but if the thought of sweetness on a savoury pizza makes you queasy, then skip it! Don’t order anything you can’t commit to devouring, and don’t pick values you can’t uphold.

There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe here, just what feels right for you. Whether you’re a pineapple aficionado or a staunch traditionalist, it’s about finding the right combination that resonates with your taste buds.

Guiding Your Business, Even in the Shadows:

Brand values play a vital role in shaping how your company sees itself, even when nobody else is watching. They serve as a constant reminder of the principles you hold dear and guide your decision-making process. Upholding your values consistently strengthens your brand’s integrity and fosters trust with your audience.

To continue the metaphor, if you say you have vegetarian options then you better be able to break out the vege-rama pizza, rather than telling someone that they can just eat the garlic bread. Your audience trusts you to uphold these ideals, internally and externally. 

Brand values should reflect the core principles that matter to you and will shape your decision-making as you grow. Your brand values are like the perfect pizza toppings, a delicious blend of ideas that are uniquely personal to you. Let them define your business’s identity and serve as a constant reminder of what truly matters. Uphold your brand values proudly and watch as they shape the success and integrity of your brand.

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