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We’re proud of our Zoos and love our animals, but few of us venture back to our Zoos after we or our children hit school age.

How do we hardwire a connection that makes you want to come back time and again?


The challenge was for member retention, deeper engagement with our conservation vision and development of long term relationships with our members is a core component of the Zoos Victoria strategic direction. The research showed widespread pride in the zoos, and a genuine love for the animals in the care of Zoos Victoria, but visitors felt that once they had visited there was nothing more to do.


We knew that we needed to focus on the deep connection that we share with animals. To remind members and visitors of the link that they experience with the animals, that almost borders on friendship. Whilst maybe you can’t actively play with the animals you can come back time and again and feel that joy of watching your friends play.


Targeted online media supported through social media is the perfect way to make the familial connection real for the viewer. This was coupled with out of home placements on billboards and public transport used to reinforce the online discussion and creative.



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