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With the launch of the Tradie Body range, it was time to sniff out some fresh faces. Enter comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed, fast becoming famous for their shenanigans, to leave a lasting impression.


The flippant tone used in Tradie Underwear advertising has hit a chord with both male and female customers alike. After all, they are just buying undies right?

But with a new super-duper sports performance range of undies we were tasked to maintain Tradie’s down to earth persona, whilst injecting a little bit of aspiration too. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


Enter Charlotte Caslick, an Australian rugby sevens player, world rugby player of the year and an all-round great human. Whilst we all know that a sports person at the top of their game needs to work really hard, it is also easy to look at all the trappings, the red carpets, the social extravaganza and feel a little envious. The flip side is always the sheer volume of work that creates this luck, and perhaps inspires us to make our own luck too.


Lady Luck was built to coincide with the launch of the hit Channel 10 vehicle The Bachelor, this helped leverage Tradies longstanding relationship with the newly minted Honey Bachelor, Nick Cummins, who has been leading Tradies charge across the market for the last 4 years. A new market, a new angle and a new lease on life. The Lady Luck campaign is supported across OOH Media, POS with a large social component built in.



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