Gasmate. It'smateship


How do Aussies get together?
Good grub, it salves the greatest divide.

The grill is your ring. Not just anyone can wield the tongs, flip the sausages and char the corn. It’s your barbecue. Your faithful 4 burner, your first car, your dog and the hopeless friend you’ve hung around with since puberty. It’s a different connection, It’s mateship.


Food brings us all together, but do we care about what we are cooking on? If you can’t make your brand connect with the consumer why would they choose you over anyone else? Gasmate needed to create a connection with the buyer – they needed to be someone who was invited into backyards across the country.


Time spent with mates around the barbie are treasured Australian experiences. The carefree the stories, the laughter and the intimacy of these moments trigger warmth in us all. A person’s barbecue is more than an appliance, it’s what brings us together. Saying that it’s your mate might be a bit of a stretch, but who do you know better? You know how to position the lid, the part of the plate that cooks the best, and how to get that steak ‘just right’. Cooking is personal, something you do with mates – Gasmates.


Barbecues are social situations so it makes perfect sense that social media would be used to illicit a connection with consumers. Part of being a good mate is sharing your knowledge, so a roster of informative tips, tricks, hacks and recipes were developed to share the love. A comprehensive digital campaign was developed, supported by targeted bursts of TV in peak purchasing periods.



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